How to Improve your 'Body Immunity'

How to Improve your 'Body Immunity'

Our body’s immune system comprises many processes or biological structures within an organism and acts as a defense system that protects our body and fights against diseases. The immune system must function correctly and detect a wide range of pathogens, parasitic, viruses, bacteria, and treat them. Our body’s immune system is essential for our survival, and we must take proper measures to boost it. The immune system must be taken into high consideration as without the immune system; our body would be openly attacked by viruses, bacteria, parasites, and many more diseases. Our immune system’s primary function is to keep our body healthy and fight against infections and illnesses and drift through a sea of pathogens.

The Immune System Of Our Body Provides 3 Types Of Immunity:

They are as follows-

Adaptive immunity- This type of protection protects a body from pathogens, which is developed as we go through life. As our body gets exposed to numerous diseases and gets vaccinated, our body builds up several antibodies to fight against different pathogens.

Innate immunity- Our body has an inbuilt immune system which protects against virus or bacteria. We are born with this type of protection, including our organization’s external barrier, which provides the first line of defense against pathogens.

Passive immunity- This type of protection does not last indefinitely as it is borrowed from another source. For example,- a baby is protected with the help of passive immunity from some infections during the early years of their life with the help of breast milk that they receive from their mother.

How Will You Improve Your Immune System?

It has become the most crucial and essential factor in regularly checking our body’s immune system, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic situation. A healthy diet and regular meditation, exercise, or yoga should be done to keep your immune system boosted. Here are a few points which will help you to expand and strengthen your immune system.

  • You should eat a balanced diet high in vitamin protein, and minerals and fruits and vegetables must be included in your daily meal.
  • To keep your lungs healthy, smoking must be avoided.
  • Consumption of alcohol must be moderate; excess use may lead to an unhealthy body.
  • One must maintain a healthy weight.
  • Proper exercise and yoga must be done regularly to keep your body fit and provide mental health and peace.
  • One must get adequate sleep, and one must drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.
  • Cooking meats thoroughly and washing your hands frequently will help to avoid infections.


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