Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. Refund Policy for Paid Consultations for Users
    1. In case a Healthcare Practitioner (HCP) is not available to respond to a paid consult, You can report the issue to Topmedz and request for cancellation, post which Topmedz will process the refund amount equalling to the total actual amount paid by You, including any internet handling fees. However, the refund will not include the discount value provided by Topmedz.
    2. In the event it is proved that a HCP has acted in a manner that is against any applicable laws, Topmedz shall provide complete refund to You, subject to investigation undertaken by Topmedz.
    3. You are allowed a period of seven (7) days to report any consult as incomplete or unsatisfactory, and request for a refund. No refund requests shall be entertained thereafter
    4. You can request a refund by sending us an email at
    5. In the event Topmedz establishes that Your refund claim meets the above conditions, Topmedz shall process the refund accordingly and the money will be refunded to You in five (5) working days from the day refund has been approved from Topmedz.
  2. Refund & Cancellation Policy for Doctors , Health Practitioner (HCP )
    1. Whenever Doctor or Health Practitioner will buy any Membership plan , they can Ask for refund within 15 days of the payment by sending an email to
    2. Topmedz will refund the full amount of the within 5 days of the request by Doctor or Health Practitioner (HCP )